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Brittany Kotur


College achievements


  • Presidents list
  • GPA 3.575
  • Illustration
  • Graduated at Columbus College of Art and Design, May of 2011, Cum Laude



  • Part time administrated assistant in One Stop at Columbus College of Art and Design in 2009.
  • Part time Halloween Specialist at Halloween City in Grove City Ohio, 2011.

Freelance/commission work


  • Commissioned-oil painting of Notre Dame mascot, for Brazen Head waiter, 2007.
  • Non commissioned- promotional poster and brochure for JP’s restaurant.
  • Non commissioned- portrait of Jeremy Bulloch, actor, 2008.
  • Commissioned- Acrylic painting of an animal portrait, German Shepard.
  • Commissioned- Watercolor pencils of a baby portrait drawing, birthday gift 2012.
  • Non commissioned- Fan art, Acrylic paintings of Walt Disney characters, B-Day gift.
  • Non commissioned- Fan art, Acrylic painting of Sunset in Venice, by Monet.
  • Non commissioned- Watercolor drawing of a portrait/Illustration, the Daylight Express Train.
  • Non commissioned- Watercolor pencil drawing of creatures, for my Halloween City boss, 2011.


  • Macintosh
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • MS Word
  • Power Point
  • Adobe Painter
  • Oil painting
  • Sculpey
  • Watercolor
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Ink
  • Marker



  •  2D and 3D Illustration
  • Children's Book Illustration
  • Animation
  • Painting landscape and animals
  • Drawing fantasy, sci-fi and fan art
  • Designing and decorating especially for all the holidays